Dragon, Fly! Full 4.01 (v4.01) apk download

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Dragon, Fly! Full 4.01 (v4.01) apk downloadby Devit Riantoon.Dragon, Fly! Full 4.01 (v4.01) apk download

Dragon, Fly! Full 4.01 apk

Dragon, Fly! Full 4.01 apkWhat’s in this Dragon, Fly! Full 4.01 apk

Almost doubled the number of achievements. Its still difficulty, kids be warned, the top certainly is, but now you’ll get to enjoy the ride to the top even more. Note that your dragon color may change a bit (gold->purple), due to new achievements.
We apologize for the install-problems with version 51. If you cannot upgrade to the new version, you unfortunately have to uninstall the old version, and reinstall the new version (this should only happen to new users who never had earlier versions).

Dragon, Fly! Full 4.01, As a newly hatched dragon pup you are still too young to fly. That however is not going to stop you from embarking on your very first adventure. The realms are full of curvy hills. Slide along them and time your touches with precision to build momentum and take off into the sky. Be quick though! Dragon mum is anxious about your whereabouts and has headed out to end your journey and bring you back to the nest.

★ Super simple: One touch controls. Pick up and play.
★ Super complex: Advanced 2D physics engine makes this a game that requires strategy, skill and dexterity to master.
★ Super smooth: 60 frames pr second even on medium level devices.
★ Many quests to complete. Get your dragon to the highest level!
★ New beautiful landscapes generated fresh for you every day.
★ Online worldwide leaderboards.
★ Ad free. All levels unlocked – reach for the sky!

Read Phone state and identity: is used by offer wall (ad) provider to prevent fraught from developers. This app does not access the call log or phone number and similar private data.
SD card: Used to cache video offers.
Internet and coarse location: Used for ads/offers and highscores.

Dragon, Fly! Full 4.01

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