DirecTV Remote+ Pro 2.2.5 (v2.2.5) apk download


DirecTV Remote+ Pro 2.2.5DirecTV Remote+ Pro 2.2.5

What’s in this DirecTV Remote+ Pro 2.2.5

* (ALL) App name has changed to DirecTV Remote+ (plus) Pro
* (ALL) Increase in overall app speed (screen loading)
* (ALL) Mini-Guide stability
* (ALL) Mini-Guide now displays what is on next in addition to the current show
* (PRO) Optionally change channel on multiple receivers at once through the Favorites or Mini-Guide (long-press on an entry)
* (PRO) Easily create & restore app settings/backups (Menu>More)
* (ALL) Various other improvements, changes and bugs fixed

DirecTV Remote+ Pro 2.2.5, The DirecTV Remote that offers the most bang for the buck!*

* Okay, three!

Get the DirecTV remote that is late to the party but brought all the toys! Hi-res button graphics; MORE options; MORE features; actively being developed with frequent updates!

Exclusive FREE add-on (see more by Cognitial Mobile below) allows you to create shortcuts to remote buttons, favorites, macros and the mini-guide right on your home screen, and you can even preview the add-on in the free version!

If you like this app, please rate it! I’ll continue to update and improve this app whether you rate it or not but great ratings make me feel all warm and fuzzy!

If you have problems or requests please contact me through email as it is very difficult to properly respond in the comments section.


This app requires WiFi and DirecTV HD receivers and/or HD DVRs connected to your home network (wired or wirelessly) and properly configured for External Device access. Supported models are H21, H22, H23 and H24 HD receivers and HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23 and HR24 HD DVRs. R22s may work as well.

More detailed information can be found in the description for the free version. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU FIRST INSTALL THE FREE VERSION IN ORDER TO ENSURE THAT YOUR SYSTEM IS COMPATIBLE WITH THIS APP. If your DirecTV system is NETWORKED and the receivers have been given a name and setup to allow external access, this app WILL work. To try the free version, press “View more applications” in the last section below.

>> For advanced users: One receiver can be controlled over 3G, etc. See Website for details.

Having problems getting this app to communicate with your receiver? Please see the FAQ at my website (button in app or link on this page).


* EXCLUSIVE (and FREE): Add-on allows you to create shortcuts to remote buttons, favorites, macros and even the mini-guide right on your home screen. Send remote commands without even opening the app!

* EXCLUSIVE: Create and use your own custom macros!

* EXCLUSIVE: Toggle Closed Captioning with one button press! (Handy when using HDMI connection)

* EXCLUSIVE: Search Assistant allows you to enter searches using your phone’s keyboard and easily navigate the results all from one app screen.

* EXCLUSIVE: List Editor lets you rearrange, rename & delete receivers, favorites & macros!

* EXCLUSIVE: See what’s currently playing on ALL of your receivers and favorite channels all at the SAME TIME!

* EXCLUSIVE: Toggle between SD & HD resolutions on the new DirecTV HD GUI.

* EXCLUSIVE: Option to lock app orientation to portrait or landscape.

* EXCLUSIVE: Option to keep device awake while using the remote.

* Launch the DirecTV DVR Scheduler app from the menu.

* See more about the current show, movie or song from IMDb, Google, Amazon and AllMusic.

* Optionally show a status bar notification icon for quick access to the remote and currently selected receiver.

* Active development and outstanding support.

* … and MORE!

… and everything you get in the free version such as…

* All-original button graphics

* THREE remote layouts to choose from

* EXCLUSIVE: Slow Motion remote command!

* Favorite Channels list

* ‘On Now’ tells you more about the currently tuned show, movie or song

* Reboot your receiver with a couple button presses.

* Basic help built in with links to a website where you can find a FAQ list to help with issues.

* EXCLUSIVE: Haptic Feedback strength is fully adjustable.


Please note that the reliability of the “Slow Motion” command and macros strongly depends on the responsiveness of your DirecTV receiver and speed of your network.

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DirecTV Remote+ Pro 2.2.5

More Info  about this apps, screenshots, feature and etc, go to the Google Play Store

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Download DirecTV Remote+ Pro 2.2.5 (v2.2.5) apk Mirrorcreator (Multiple Mirror)

Download DirecTV Remote+ Pro 2.2.5 (v2.2.5) apk Mediafire (Resumable)



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