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Cross The Line 1 apk

Cross The Line 1 apkCross The Line 1 apk, Elegant, challenging and freaking addictive mind-bending puzzle!

Cross The Line is a fun and innovative game where you have to solve puzzles presented to you on a blackboard. Touch and slide a drawn sphere in order to cross the line, while interacting with different geometrical elements around you.
In each scenario, you’ll find a bunch of new challenges and ways of interacting with the environment; figures that you can move at your leisure or even holes in the board that swallow the sphere!

The game has 100 scenarios that can be solved in different ways!

Beat your own records and those of other people! Each scenario remembers the best time achieved so you can keep competing with yourself and the rest of the world! Plus you can get stars that will let you unlock new pages! These are not easy to catch and add an extra challenge to each level.

Cross The Line 1, With neat elegant graphics and a simple yet very addictive game-play it will engage users for hours and hours!

· Intuitive controls that are easy to master
· Mind-bending puzzles that become increasingly challenging
· 100 scenarios that can be solved in different ways means there’s hours of game-time.
· Global high-scores: play against yourself and the rest of the World!
· Gorgeous arty style with neat elegant Graphics and a simple addictive gameplay.

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Cross The Line Android Game

“Cross The Line is an addictive, mind-boggling puzzle that will keep you occupied for hours!” –

Cross The Line 1

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