Coloring Weather Screen 1.4.1 (v1.4.1) apk download

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Coloring Weather Screen 1.4.1 apkColoring Weather Screen 1.4.1 apk

If you choose your background image wisely, you can get some really cool results. The way the user can control colors based on season and time of day is awesome! I would love to see the sun animate across the sky as the day goes on so that there is a sunrise and sunset that changes colors accordingly. The lightning looks cool, but I think the bolts stay on screen a few frames too long. It would also be cool to be able to control the bottom height of the clouds or fog to generate more realistic effects. Also, please add a setting to choose location instead of forcing us to use geolocation.

What’s in this Coloring Weather Screen 1.4.1 apk

+ Added manual location interface (Google Location is still required for automatic location)
+ Changed weather source (weather underground)
+ Added manual weather refresh feature (tap again on auto weather in settings to refresh)
+ Fixed LG p925 issue
+ Fixed stars position according to notification bar height
+ Added new snowflakes types
Thanks for your great support!

Coloring Weather Screen 1.4.1, Create your own beautiful home screen!

Brand new way for customization and fascinating look for your device. This version includes all Coloring Screen premium features.

Make your screen look completely personal and interactive. Automatic time of the day based on your current location. Seasons and weather 3D animations from online forecast. Sun, rain, snow, clouds, lightning and frost. Amazing interactive screen coloring. Random colors presets, dynamic colors and scrolling/touch animations.

Choose from more than 20 stylish, cool and professional color effects and photo filters including day/night effects, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, cold and warm filters, autumn, winter, spring and summer adjustments, classic black&white, sepia, neon and more!

Manually control brightness, contrast and saturation of your screen. Easily change colors to your favorite by applying color blend. Change hue, add lighting/glow effects, use overlay or phoenix.

Use your favorite images from the gallery for your home screen background preserving their original quality or choose from predefined colorful and beautiful nature fantasy images. Full HD custom images are supported!

Coloring Weather Screen works as live wallpaper, but is designed for everyone who do not use live wallpapers at all. It is strongly optimized to use as low system resources as it can. It does not drain your battery life or use a lot of memory (memory usage only depends on your current image quality).

Coloring Weather Screen provides revolutionary settings widget with interactive preview, so you can just place it on one of your screens and access settings at any time.

It also contains auto-pan mode that you can enable if your device or launcher does not support background (wallpaper) scrolling by default.

The overall number of customization options and their design are unbelievable as you can see by yourself.


This app contains no widgets, but it works well in addition with HD Widgets, Beautiful widgets or any other weather apps.

The app works well on all custom launchers, including Nova launcher, GO launcher, ADW launcher, etc. To achieve the best experience with smoothest wallpaper scrolling you may wanna try auto-pan feature.


COARSE LOCATION required for automatic time of the day animation

FULL INTERNET ACCESS required to get online forecast for weather animations

STORAGE required to allowing custom gallery images usage

For any questions, suggestions or bug reports please email us

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Coloring Weather Screen 1.4.1

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