CM10.1/10 Theme Neon Colors 2.19 (v2.19) apk download

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CM10.1/10 Theme Neon Colors 2.19 apk

CM10.1 10 Theme Neon Colors 2.19 apkWhat’s in this CM10.1/10 Theme Neon Colors 2.19 apk

refining it more
Removed Overglow From Dialer ANd Settings Icon
fixed Large statusbar notification text on xhdpi devices
Fixed Signal icons which are not themed in parandroid rom in hybrid mode
refined wifi icon more
themed second panel under setting in parandroid rom its black now
finally MMS reverted to dafault as it has to be see in screenshot
added some more colors in statusbar icons
and other

CM10.1/10 Theme Neon Colors 2.19, Christmas Discount -0.30$ (1.80$-0.30$=1.50$) Till 25Th DEC

Now Support CM10.1 and other android 4.2 Rom’s that support theme chooser
The Theme Now Support XHDPI devices
A colorful theme with effect of neon on dark backgrounds For Theme chooser rom’s CM10/CM9/AOKP
For Those WHo Don’t Like Colorfull
will release it on single color also but this time no minimal

CM10.1/10 Theme Neon Colors 2.19

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