Cargo! HD 1.9.5 (v1.9.5) apk download

Cargo! HD 1.9.5 apk

Cargo! HD 1.9.5 apkWhat’s in this Cargo! HD 1.9.5 apk

- license extended
- recompiled in 4.0+

Cargo! HD 1.9.5, Exciting and highly addictive time management game with some extra twists.


Workers NEEDED!
Career opportunities in cargo business: endless fun is guaranteed!

If you like frenzy time management games, you’ll absolutely love our action-packed masterpiece.
Be careful: it’s difficult to put down!

The objective of Cargo! HD is to empty incoming crates into warehouses and fill them up with the required products.

- 31 maps
- 3 unlockable game modes
- 18 achievements
- blob benchmark
- duel with your friend

Get ready to a busy month full of exciting challenges!

Supported screens: 800×480, 854×480 and Samsung Galaxy Tab

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This is brilliant, have spent many hours playing. At first it seems very difficult, and the in game help and tutorial is not very good. But if u persevere it is brilliant!!

Cargo! HD 1.9.5

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