Bridge Captain 1.0 (v1.0) apk download

Bridge Captain 1.0Bridge Captain 1.0 apk

Bridge Captain 1.0 apk, You are the captain of a Earth United Space Vessel. Your mission is to search unregulated space for a ship that has gone missing. As the captain you can make choices on how to go about finding the ship. You can either fight, bribe, barter or interrogate your way around the system. But be careful who you trust. You are given a piloting system that allow you to control, weapons, navigation, engineering, and scanning.

Disclaimer: Made for tablets. This game was created for the (Ludum Dare) Indie 30 day challenge . Its low on content at the moment but given enough interest, we have full plans on creating updates that will expand the universe, story weapons and items!

SAVE FEATURE coming soon! Bridge Captain 1.0

This game is really fun, and if the developer continues updating with more content and features, this will be among my favorite games ever, easily.

Owner informs me that an update is coming soon.

It isn’t often I rate apps, but for a fellow redditor I will. I can see this being a really cool game, its up my alley. I’m worried I’m going to invest a bunch of time and have an abrupt ending, we shall see

Bridge Captain 1.0

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