Bounder’s World 0.0.2 (v0.0.2) apk download

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 Bounders World 0.0.2 (v0.0.2) apk download

Bounder’s World 0.0.2 apk

Bounders World 0.0.2 Bounders World 0.0.2 (v0.0.2) apk downloadBounder’s World 0.0.2 apk, 144 levels across 3 worlds of bouncing bonkers!

Bounder’s World is a re-imagined version of the classic ‘80s game Bounder. Updated and re-invented for today’s gamers and Android devices.

Your challenge is to bounce Bounder from the start line to the finish line, collecting star, landing on targets and collecting bonuses. Don’t miss the checkpoints along the way to help you and make sure you use the funnels! Oh, and watch out for the swinging hazards and moving platforms, not to mention falling of the platforms!!

There are 4 different game modes to play in Bounder’s World 0.0.2:

Stars – collect as many stars as you can
Targets – land on the target to collect them
Speed – complete the level in the fewest number of bounces
Demolition – land on as many building as possible, but only once!

Each level has a hidden coin to collect if you want to get the highest score and all the achievements. Score all the achievements on all 12 levels in a world. Once the first 12 levels are completed unlock a further 36 levels to play.

Bounder’s World will have you bouncing back over and over again.


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Bounder’s World 0.0.2

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 Bounders World 0.0.2 (v0.0.2) apk download


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