Block Story 6.0 (v6.0) apk download

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Block Story 6.0 apk

Block Story v6.0 Block Story 6.0 (v6.0) apk downloadv 6.0
* First pets: Drako(cute dragon) and Arachy(small spider)
* New targeting system, mobs can attack each others now
* New double angelic swords
* New mob Poison Dart Frog (they drop poison for arrows)
* Added EPIC Bosses: Ashkore, Aragog, Shiva, T-Rex, Hydra
* New EPIC quests from Paula
* Dragons are much smarter now
* Replicator tool
* Destroyer tool
* New items: Electrite, Replicon
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Block Story 6.0, Block Story combines role playing game in an infinite world made out of blocks.

If you like games like Minecraft and Survivalcraft, but wished that there where quests, and that you could level up and develop your character, you have found what you were looking for.

* Infinite world even up and down
* Quests, that give you objectives and hours of fun
* Leveling up, and skill points to improve your character
* Beautiful terrain generation with Hell, biomes, floating islands, forgotten sky, underground world and coral reefs.
* Torches you can make and carry to light your way through caves
* Equipment you can wear like “My Precious” (a powerful ring), and flippers (to swim faster)
* Crafting
* Many weapons, like swords, magic, shields, guns, bow and arrow
* 87 realistic mobs, from lizards to dragons, from clownfish to giant sharks.
* Beautiful graphics, with colored lights, epic night sky, and bumped terrain
* 4 control modes, 1 joystick, 2 joystick, accelerometer and d-pad.
* Vehicles like cars and boats for your long trips (more coming).
* Frequent updates
* Teleporting
* Creative mode with crafting
* Liquid acid for mass digging
* TNT now goes kaboom
* Farming trees and wheat
* Jetpack
* Diver suit
* Atlantis
* Rivers

Questions? Feedback? Suggestions? Come to our forum where we can actually respond icon smile Block Story 6.0 (v6.0) apk download
“I think for pure playability, Block Story might have the edge over Minecraft”
“On its own Block Story is a brilliantly executed game, but I think that it will only ever live in the shadow of the game it resembles, which is a shame, but the truth.”
“You wouldn’t normally thing about the mashing of a game like Morrowind with Minecraft would be a good idea but as it turns out, it’s actually a pretty amazing feat.”
As is often the case with this sort of thing, many projects since have taken inspiration from Minecraft in order to carve out their own niche in the indie market, and on Android, no game has had more success in bringing that same magic to a portable medium than Mindblock’s Block Story.
The more important thing besides fighting with evils is that you need to build your house, stone by stone. You can build anything you can imagine. What a legendary world you will build?

Block Story 6.0

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 Block Story 6.0 (v6.0) apk download

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