Big Top THD 1.31 (v1.31) apk android

Big Top THD 1.31Big Top THD 1.31

What’s in this version Big Top THD 1.31:

  1. [30/01/2012] v1.31
  2. Internet Connection Fixes.
  3. [10/09/2012] v1.3
  4. Changed the way that Levels unlock.
  5. All Difficulties now always available.
  6. Improved aiming for Clowning Around.
  7. Added an aiming display guide to Clowning Around.
  8. [22/12/2011] v1.2
  9. Added a rate button.
  10. Messages explains locked levels (that need unlocking through play)
  11. “FREE” Sticker on Clowning Around
  12. Previous fixes:-
  13. Fixed crash caused by uninitialised market place account.

Big Top THD 1.31, All the fun of the circus in this optimised-for-Tegra game!

Big Top THD is an immensely fun circus game with amazing visuals and super smooth gameplay, featuring Knife Throwing, Plate Spinning, Juggling, Pie Throwing (“Clowning Around”), High Dive and Tiger Training.

The first game to truly push the graphical capabilities of Tegra-powered Android devices, supporting both Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 with advanced features just for these devices… Some extra graphical enhancements are included just for Tegra 3 – realtime shadows, projected lights, bump mapping, higher detail and more.

Download Now – the FREE version includes the whole of Clowning Around (including all 30 difficulty levels). The other games are available with a single in-app purchase.

Big Top THD 1.31

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Download Big Top THD 1.31 (v1.31) apk android Mediafire ( Resumable)

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