Battery Monitor Widget Pro 2.6.9 (v2.6.9) apk download

Battery Monitor Widget Pro 2.6.9 apk

Battery Monitor Widget Pro 2.6.9 apkWhat’s in this Battery Monitor Widget Pro 2.6.9 apk

Fix calibration when using a 1 minute logging interval
Add mA support for HTC J/DNA/Butterfly/One X+ and Galaxy S3 mini
Increase maximum zoom to x20 (instead of x10)
Updated Chinese translations

Battery Monitor Widget Pro 2.6.9, Complete battery monitoring with notification icon, history, graphics and alarms


The most complete tool to manage your battery: Shows historical data (%, mA, mW, mV and temperature), calculates estimated run-times and battery aging, helps calibrate battery and improve your battery run-time.

- NOT all phones report accurate mA – Check app web-site for more information
- The app displays the % remaining, voltage and temperature data reported by Android OS
- Android battery stats have nothing to do with % calculations

Measures real battery capacity using historical data!

Display all information using great looking graphics, fully scrollable and zoomable.

Use additional packages to show great looking icons in notification bar

Display historical graphics or battery data on your home screen using widgets of various sizes!

Triggers alarm based on battery data (voltage and temperature limits)

Manually resets battery calibration/statistics on rooted phone

Support Motorola Defy/Atrix 1% reporting

Online help accessible from settings

Export data to System Tuner Pro to analyze which process is responsible for battery drain!
Lowest battery consumption on the market! Disable history/graphics for even lower consumption! Check web-site for app consumption and supported phones.
Many thanks for the translation to
Max Peng – Simplified Chinese
William Lee Traditional Chinese
Zuecho, Stephan Windmüller – German
Gabriele, Roberto & Raffaele – Italian
Rontgen – Japanese
서용석 (Dio Seo) – Korean
Ignacio – Spanish
ToddeSwe – Swedish
Ricardo – Portuguese
Lukas – Czech
Lukasz – Polish
Marko Kranjcic – Croatian
Dmitry Chornenky – Russian
Ronyn – Hungarian
** Bluetooth permission is used to cope with ICS bug reading battery stats on some devices, app does not actually use bluetooth at all **

Battery Monitor Widget Pro 2.6.9

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

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