Bacteria™ Arcade Edition 1.1 (v1.1) apk download

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Bacteria™ Arcade Edition 1.1 apk

Bacteria™ Arcade Edition 1.1 apkPlays like an Asteroids meets Defender mashup where you have to protect and defend the cells. Reminds me a lot of the classic sci-fi film Fantastic Voyage. Cool!

Bacteria™ Arcade Edition 1.1 apk, Defend your cells from alien bacteria attack in this 60hz retro arcade game.

Classic 60hz retro arcade game action with addictive gameplay.

Defend your cells from alien bacteria attack!!!

Three levels of difficulty: Novice, Arcade, and Insane!

Blast your way through multiple waves of attacking bacteria.

Inspired by multiple classic arcade games.

Bacteria™ Arcade Edition 1.1, This app is absolutely fantastic. Not only do you get a true retro game that gets the blood pumping and the finger buzzing, you also find it hard to put down. Great trip down memory lane on how games used to be. EXCELLENT!!!!

Bacteria™ Arcade Edition 1.1

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