Astro Frontier 1.3 (v1.3) apk download

Astro Frontier 1.3 apk

Astro Frontier 1.3 apkWhat’s in this Astro Frontier 1.3 apk

Lite version available for those who want to test compatibility before purchase.
Changed game icon
Game Play:
Speed up of “Day” display
Lowered cost of Repair Ship and improved it’s effectiveness.
Fixed intermittent crashing when loading images
Fixed crashing issue related to Collections.sort api

Astro Frontier 1.3, Travel through space with your fleet as you battle to survive the journey!

Astro Frontier
On the far side of the galaxy, a new planet has been discovered! Lead an expedition through the depths of space to be the first to colonize the planet. Manage resources and keep your crew happy, assembling your fleet as you build new ships such as the bubbly Manufacturing Ship or the combat-ready Stingers. Speed is key when trying for the high score, but beware of pirates looking to end your journey once and for all! Blast off to adventure in Astro Frontier!

Astro Frontier 1.3

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