Asteroid 2012 3D 2.7.5 (v2.7.5) apk download

Asteroid 2012 3D 2.7.5 apk

Asteroid 2012 3D 2.7.5 apkWhat’s in this Asteroid 2012 3D 2.7.5 apk

+ UI improvements for HD Resolutions
+ Fix ‘InstoCrashOnStartUp’ – Apologies!
+ Added Right-Shift to Xperia Play Controls for Thrust
+ Added Optional IAP Products

Asteroid 2012 3D 2.7.5, Asteroid 2012 3D – NOW XPERIA PLAY OPTIMISED – Asteroids, asteroids, asteroids everywhere around you! The seminal classic arcade game reinvented for the 21st century. Experience the loneliness of deep space – clearing wave after wave of asteroids and aliens. Now with a primary weapon that can be powered up to do more and more damage and multiple secondary weapons – flying through space has never been so much fun!

Forget those old vector graphics of yesteryear and enjoy a full 3D immersive experience on your phone or tablet! Take control of your spaceship with virtual controls or your accelerometer – Xperia Play owners your controls are done! Enjoy !!

Asteroid 2012 now contains multiple weapons, upgradeable weaponry, multiple arenas accessible through portals, multiple enemy aliens, atmospheric lighting FX, a brand new UI and now Online HighScores – Compete to be the best!

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AndroidTapp said “Asteroid 2012 is a superb new development of the old school gaming classic. Featuring beautiful graphics, epic sound and compulsive gameplay, the game is a faithful new version which doesn’t ruin the franchise in anyway. If you are fan of good space shooting games, this will not disappoint.” 4.8/5 –

PlayAndroid said “Simply stunning… A truly beautiful game! The soundtrack is eerie, cinematic and atmospheric. The controls are sleek and sublime… Intuitive controls and beautiful graphics will keep you playing even before the updates arrive…” 24/30 –

AppScore said “If you loved playing Asteroid as a youngster then you’ll love this adaptation. The graphics and sounds really add to the eerie feeling of the game and the simple controls will definitely keep you gripped for hours.” 9/10 –

148Apps said “Sometimes I don’t want deep. Sometimes I just want to blow crap up. And I can think of worse outlets than this.” 4/5

iPhoneGamerUK said “Stunning graphics and some epic music and in game sounds but more importantly it’s a really fun and addictive blasting shooter adaptation of the all-time classic Asteroids. One for those who loved the original and those who just love blasting s*** up and have fun at the same time.” 4.5/5 –

User Reviews
“The future of Asteroid games is here with this well constructed game, the graphics and sound are fantastic and the controls work well with my iPad 2. A must have for asteroid fans”

“This is simply stunning – I love it! The graphics are amazing and the gameplay rulez! Some people will love this for the nosalgia of the old coin-op classic, others will love it just cuz it’s so freaking awesome!”

“Graphics are great, UI is really cool and the giro control is nice and responsive making it a pleasure to play. All the good points from the original with a modern overhaul and major improvements.”

“Enchanting graphics with an alluring soundscape. A quintessential retro classic pulled up by its bootstraps into the 3d world.”

“Neo Retro. Simplistic in nature – this game scratches that retro itch in a way that doesn’t make me feel old! Pew pew laser laser!”

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TAGS:: space, aliens, shooter, shoot em up, asteroids, arcade, classic, scifi, alien, shump, all your base

Many thanks to for providing their superb beta testing of this xperia play optimised release. Great work guys.
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Asteroid 2012 3D 2.7.5

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