Another World 1.0.5 (v1.0.5) apk download

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Another World 1.0.5 apk

Another World 1.0.5 Another World 1.0.5 (v1.0.5) apk downloadWhat’s in this Another World 1.0.5 apk

- Fix for Galaxy Note users.
- Galaxy Note users can now configure the DPAD controls.
- Recompiled the game using latest NDK and SDK.

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Also known as Out Of This World™ and released across more than a dozen platforms since its 1991 debut, Another World™ has attained cult status among critics and sophisticated gamers alike for its cinematic effects in the graphics, sound and cut scenes.

The actor plays the part of Lester Knight Chaykin, a young physics researcher. While he is right in the middle of doing experiments, his laboratory is struck by lighting and completely destroyed, hurling him into another world, a world populated by humanoid creatures, where danger can spring at any moment.

You must escape from this strange civilization. You will nonetheless meet a companion who will soon become your ally and help you in this merciless fight!

• Switch from the original graphics to HD graphics by sliding two fingers on the screen at any time in the game
• New Touch controls specially redesigned or classic D-pad (directional arrows and original action buttons)
• 3 difficulty modes: Normal (easier than the original), Hard (similar to the original) and Hardcore (harder than the original)
• Sound and sound effects are 100% remastered
• OpenFeint with over 10 Achievements
• Compatible with Bluetooth-connected Zeemote joysticks
• 5 languages available (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish)
• Xperia PLAY optimized.

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Another World 1.0.5

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 Another World 1.0.5 (v1.0.5) apk download

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