Andy (Siri for Android) 5.3 (v5.3) apk download

Andy (Siri for Android) 5.3 apk

Andy (Siri for Android) 5.3 apkVersion 5.3 (Released: 23.Nov.2012) 

Andy (Siri for Android) 5.3 apk, Added: Cancel Search option - For situations where Andy misinterpreted your question or is taking too long to answer.

- Added: Enhanced Stop Talking button – Andy’s mute button now automatically appears when Andy talks. It will no longer take space on the screen when it’s not needed.
 - Added: Long Press on Volume Down key – Executes Voice Search.  This is faster than taping on a microphone icon.

Added: Long Press on Volume Up key – Mutes Andy (same as pressing Stop Talking button).

Added: Long press on Bluetooth device button - Opens Andy.- Added: Loading Progress feature. Shows loading spinning wheel until Andy is fully loadedAdded: Open Application feature has been enhanced. You no longer need to speak an exact name of the app… As long as at least one word (even partial) is matching, Andy will open it.- Fix: Shake Feature setting is now properly registered by the app.- Fix: Bluetooth Communication adjustments for newer A2DP devices.

Andy (Siri for Android) 5.3, Andy. The answer to all your questions!

This is a full version of Andy (Siri for Android) – All features unlocked!

About Application:
Andy is a voice controlled access to encyclopedic information on a vast array of topics. Ask anything. Andy covers culture and the arts, biographies and persons, geography and places, society and social sciences, history and events, natural and physical sciences, technology and applied science, religion and belief systems, health, mathematics and logic, philosophy and many other topics.

You can also ask about weather and time in any city, get answers to algebra questions, conversions, or simply ask any question just like you would do a search online.
To ask a question, tap the microphone button on the application home screen. Alternatively, you may give your device a little shake (this requires enabling the Shake Recording option) or simply type in your question manually to get the answer.

One of Andy’s great features is its design to work with Bluetooth headsets (A2DP only, must pair with at least one device). Andy (using your Android phone or tablet) will recognize your voice and speech, search the Internet for the best answer, and read it back to you in a clear voice. The answer will also be displayed on your device screen.
Additionally, Andy can send text messages, initiate phone calls, give you directions and do distance measurements, time range measurements and a lot more.

Currently Supported (some of these features are missing in FREE version):
- General Questions (ask any question)
- Celebrity and famous people info (born, siblings, weight, height, etc.)
- Movie, music and other information (when released, cast, etc.)
- Android Applications (open Android apps by voice)
- Android Functions (control Android features and functions by voice)
- Set Reminder (at specific time)
- Set Reminders (in days/hours/minutes)
- Set Alarms & Wake Up times
- Text Messaging (text message by voice)
- Voice Calls (call anyone in your address book just by using your voice)
- Weather (Live weather for your location + suggestions answer to questions such as: Do I need an umbrella, etc.)
- Weather (for any location worldwide)
- Browse Internet (browse the net using voice)
- Calendar
- Coordinates (get your current coordinates, down to a nearest address)
- Currency Conversions (Live echange rates)
- Current Location (get your current location, down to a nearest address)
- Definitions (get definitions)
- Device Information (information about your android device)
- Directions to Nearest Place
- Distance + Directions
- Distance Measurements (from one place to another)
- Email Messaging
- Flight Status (get Live flight status information)
- Holidays (how many days till …)
- Interesting Facts (many interesting facts from science, etc.)
- Live Stock Quotes (in USD)
- Live Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium Spot Price (in USD)
- Math Functions (huge variaty of math functions supported)
- Search Google (opens google with your search term pre-filled)
- Search Photos (search google photos by voice)
- Search Youtube (search videos by voice)
- Time & Date (ask for time and date in any place in the world)
- Time & Date (what day is today, tomorrow, x days from now, etc.)
- Time & Date (what’s your local date and time)
- Word Spelling (will spell any word you ask for)
… and more…

Check out our manual for a list of all features at:

Please read our privacy policy before installing the program:

Andy (Siri for Android) 5.3

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature and etc, go to the Google Play Store

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