All .emu collection 1.55 (v1.55) apk download

All .emu collection (GBA.emu,NGP.emu,NES.emu,PCE.emu.MSX.emu,MD.emu) 1.55 apk

All .emu collectionWhat’s in this version:

* Fix blank screen on Adreno GPUs when Fast CPU->GPU Copy is on
* Remember previous rom path when selecting a save or BIOS path
* Various device-specific crash fixes
* Input latency fix for devices like R800i Xperia Play

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

Download Links Below

GBA.emu V1.55

NGP.emu V1.55

NES.emu V1.55

PCE.emu V1.55

MSX.emu V1.55

MD.emu V1.55


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