Action Launcher Pro 1.0.5 (v1.0.5) apk download

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 Action Launcher Pro 1.0.5 (v1.0.5) apk download

Action Launcher Pro 1.0.5 apk

Action Launcher Pro 1.0.5 Action Launcher Pro 1.0.5 (v1.0.5) apk downloadWhat’s in this Action Launcher Pro 1.0.5 apk

- Widgets are fixed
- Tweaked the color of the search icon so as to match its neighbouring icons
- Many stability fixes
- Minor optimizations

Launcher is lightweight, simple and clean. Easy to use and learning curve is couple of minutes. Unfortunately it’s missing a lot of useful features like grid/column size, resizing ALL widgets, icon pack support, huge horizontal / vertical margins, which takes valuable space. I’m sure developer will take a look into these but rating it 3* for now. Comments are not for motivation. That’s accomplished by paying for the app, which I di

Action Launcher Pro 1.0.5, Getting you where you need to go, faster.

Action Launcher re-imagines the concept of an Android launcher. Put simply, Action Launcher is designed to get you where you need to go, faster.

It looks and feels like a natural launching pad for the Android ecosystem.

Standout features include:
* Sliding app drawer for instant access to all your apps
* ‘Covers’, a powerful new way to quickly launch apps and shortcuts without compromising the look of your carefully crafted homescreen.
* Action bar present on the home screen
* Highly organized customization options
* Strong Play Store integration

Action Launcher automatically imports your existing launcher layout, so you’ll instantly feel right at home.

The app doesn’t have all the features you see in other launchers, but the use of a side panel is innovative and makes app access quicker. Just for that I’ve made this app my daily launcher. Can’t wait for the developer to add new features to make the phone more productive.

Action Launcher Pro 1.0.5

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

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Download Action Launcher Pro 1.0.5 (v1.0.5) apk Mediafire (Resumable)

 Action Launcher Pro 1.0.5 (v1.0.5) apk download


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