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3D Perspective Wallpaper 1.03 apk

3D Perspective Wallpaper 1.03 apkWhat’s in this 3D Perspective Wallpaper 1.03 apk

Version 1.03
-Fixed warning message when selecting an image.
-Added permission to read external storage in 4.1+ Jellybean.
-Changed default image and particle settings.
Version 1.0
-Initial Release

3D Perspective Wallpaper 1.03, This live wallpaper will create a 3D perspective effect by using your devices gyroscope or accelerometer.

-3D interactive effect created by gyroscope or accelerometer.
-3D particles. Customize particles with many options such as color, size, amount, image(custom or preset).
-Use any image from your gallery.
-Advanced camera settings such as fov, position, etc.
-Non perspective option, provides an effect similar to other 3D image live wallpapers.

Known Issues:
On some devices, when loading an image from the external sdcard the wallpaper may crash. If this happens go to Settings->Apps->3D Perspective Wallpaper and clear the data. Use the internal storage on your device until a fix is uploaded.

3D Perspective Wallpaper 1.03

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