3D Christmas Live Wallpaper 2.06P (v2.06P) apk download

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 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper 2.06P (v2.06P) apk download

3D Christmas Live Wallpaper 2.06P apk

3D Christmas Live Wallpaper 2.06P 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper 2.06P (v2.06P) apk downloadWhat’s in this 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper 2.06P apk

20 December
Fix for Galaxy Tab 2 graphic issue(Jellybean)
Improved compatibility for some Android 2.3 Gingerbread devices.
The app now runs in fullscreen on devices that have a hardware menu button.
The Tree scene now scrolls as you swipe between home screens.
Minor translation corrections.

3D Christmas Live Wallpaper 2.06P, Stunning 3D sparkling Christmas tree of light with exciting Christmas countdown!

Let your phone count you down to the Christmas and the New Year!

’3D Christmas Live Wallpaper’ is a stunning 3D live wallpaper featuring a sparkling animated Christmas Tree of Light, and an exciting Countdown to Christmas and the New Year.

This version also features a Happy New Year scene with fireworks, a super realistic 3D Snow Scene, a magical Sky Lanterns scene to celebrate the Chinese / Lunar New Year, plus a bonus Valentine’s day scene, and by popular demand a dedicated Fireworks scene! (That’s 7-Wallpapers-in-1!)

All scenes come with countless customization options, can be enjoyed both as a live wallpaper background or as a fully interactive foreground app where you can look around freely, and quickly customise your settings.

This version contains *lots* of extra features and personalisation options:
★ Christmas Tree scene (with 5 animated camera motions)
★ Countdown scene (Countdown to Christmas, New Year’s Countdown, and more!)
★ Happy New Year scene (with fireworks!)
★ 3D Snow scene (day or night)
★ Sky Lanterns scene
★ Fireworks scene
★ Valentine’s Day scene
★ The ability to choose any combination of your favourite scenes above for rotation.
★ A range of vibrant colour schemes, with a beautiful colour cycling mode that sweeps through all the colours of the rainbow.
★ Gorgeous glowing background light or flare spotlight with shimmering sunbeams.
★ Choose your favourite camera angles and 3D animation fly-bys.
★ Snowfall amount and speed.
★ Additional tree lights.
★ Exciting 3D Fireworks!
★ HD options to increase display quality. Great for tablets!
★ Lots of performance options to help run smoothly and save battery power.
★ 32-bit colour mode for smoother colours.
★ Option to count down in either rounded-up days (the traditional days-to-Christmas method), or a fully accurate and nail-biting Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds method.
★ Screen positioning and zoom options.
★ and lots lots more to play with!

Have Fun! icon smile 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper 2.06P (v2.06P) apk download

We’re absolutely thrilled with the phenomenal response we’ve had since our first release. Thank you all for the wonderful comments! If you’ve enjoyed the free version, please consider showing your support for our hard work by purchasing this full version which has many more features to enjoy.

If you have any problems, please contact us at support@jetblacksoftware.com, and we will help you directly. Thanks!

Please note: Our app does not contain any push notifications or other adware.

3D Christmas Live Wallpaper 2.06P

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 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper 2.06P (v2.06P) apk download


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