Dynamic Dice (App & Wallpaper) 1.05 (v1.05) apk download

Dynamic Dice (App & Wallpaper) 1.05 apk

Dynamic Dice (App & Wallpaper) 1.05 apkWhat’s in this Dynamic Dice (App & Wallpaper) 1.05 apk

- New background: Green felt
- Pause/resume button in app
- More velocity on dice when hitting ‘reroll’ button
- Can now be moved to SD card

Dynamic Dice (App & Wallpaper) 1.05, Dynamic Dice: A beautiful and fully-featured dice simulator!

The most beautiful and fully-featured dice roller! Dynamic Dice features a high resolution physics simulation and smooth OpenGL based 3D rendering, coupled with a clean UI allowing you to switch dice easily as needed!

Customize dice colors and markings, with up to six dice simultaneously. Support for dice of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20 sides — perfect for games like D&D. Select from multiple attractive backgrounds, and shake your device or simply push a button to roll.

In addition, Dynamic Dice can be set as a live wallpaper, helping keep your home screen active and fun!

Dynamic Dice (App & Wallpaper) 1.05

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