Spyware Shield 1.0 (v1.0) apk download

Spyware Shield 1.0 apk

Spyware Shield 1.0 apkaSpyware Shield 1.0 apk, Spyware Shield will detect and protect without slowing down your mobile device

Spyware Shield will detect and protect without slowing down your mobile device.




There are many apps that will protect your device from malicious apps like spyware and malware, but only Spyware Shield does it without dramatically slowing down your phone or tablet.


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What are the threats associated with spyware and malware?


★ Annoying ads

★ Location tracking

★ Wasted memory

★ Slowing down device

★ Key logging

★ Data collecting

★ Website tracking

★ Steal bank and account passwords

★ Facebook tracking


Why use Spyware Shield?
★ Real time notifications

★ Won‘t slow device down

★ Minimum battery usage

★ Auto detection

★ Scans apps and system apps

★ Easy to use

★ Low file size

★ Updates every two weeks

★ For phones and tablets

Spyware Shield will analyze and detect all suspicious applications on your mobile device.  Truly the best spyware and malware protection without all the bloatware that slows down your device.

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Spyware Shield 1.0, I am sold on the fact that it doesnt slow my phone down. It also found spyware in two live wallpapers I downloaded.

Spyware Shield 1.0

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