Pirates – Battleship 1.0 (v1.0) apk download

Pirates – Battleship 1.0 apk

Pirates - Battleship 1.0 apkPirates – Battleship 1.0 apk, Real-time strategy game online
Multiplayer and Singleplayer

Set sail, choose your fleet, your arms and sails to the ocean!
Become the most feared pirate wins fame and fortune challenging your friends
in an epic duel of strategy in real time!
- Choose between 4 fleets
- Use more than 15 super shots
- Ability to perform combo attacks
- Conquest of new objects of defense, attack and special equipment
- Located so many events and treasures during game
- Choose your strategy game in real time
- Soundtrack vast and spectacular
- Single-player and multiplayer
- Connect to social networks and world rankings
1. App is not compatible with my device?
The application is compatible with all Android devices including the latest generation.

2. My app is not downloading after purchasing?
If this is your first purchase, Google will check through the details of the credit card which normally takes few hours time.
Try the troubleshooting Google: http://market.android.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=1267233

3. How to reclaim application?
When you have actually downloaded the app starts 15 minutes of time in which you can ask for a refund directly to Google.
After this period of time (15 min) will no longer be possible to ask for any type of repayment


Pirates – Battleship 1.0
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Please if you have any tips and suggestions send them and whether they will certainly be implementing the good ideas in future versions of the game,
if something you liked sorry! do not let a few stars or negative feedback, but help us to improve the game,
because what they most desire is to be able to satisfy all of our players.

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Pirates – Battleship 1.0

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