Clock JB+ 1.0.2 (v1.0.2) apk download

Clock JB+ 1.0.2 apk

Clock JB+ 1.0.2 apkWhat’s in this Clock JB+ 1.0.2 apk

Alarm volume fade-in setting
Alarm vibration: on/off setting
Digital clock widget: configurable size
New digital clock widget fonts: ICS & clockopia
Analog clock widget available on lock screen (only Android 4.2+)
Fixed alignment on digital clock widget (Android 2.2 & 2.3)

Clock JB+ 1.0.2, Clock JB+ is an improved version of the official Alarm Clock app included on Jelly Bean (Android 4.2).

- Digital & analog clock
- Alarm
- Customizable digital/analog widget
- Countdown timer
- Stopwatch
- Night mode
- Lock-screen widgets (only Android 4.2+)
- Compatible with Android 2.2+
- Ad-free

If you want you can test the application from a web browser:

If you prefer the old clock (Android 4.1), you can download “Clock ICS” for free:

Clock JB+ 1.0.2

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

Download Links Below

Download Clock JB+ 1.0.2 (v1.0.2) apk Mirrorcreator (Multiple Mirror)

Download Clock JB+ 1.0.2 (v1.0.2) apk Mediafire (Resumable)


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