MegaRamp The Game 1.0.9 (v1.0.9) apk download

MegaRamp The Game 1.0.9 apk

MegaRamp The Game 1.0.9 apkWhat’s in this MegaRamp The Game 1.0.9 apk

Version 1.0.9 :
- Fixed game progression
Version 1.0.8:
- Fixed some bugs
Version 1.0.7 :
- Fixed Facebook login issues
- Fixed several bugs
Version 1.0.6 :
- Fixed some crashes
- Fixed several bugs
- Changed the game progression
Version 1.0.5 :
- Fixed some crashes
- Fixed Facebook issues
- Fixed gameplay bugs
Version 1.0.4:
- Totally new installer
- Crash issues between challenges fixed
NOTE: Please uninstall the previous version of the game before installing version 1.0.4

MegaRamp The Game 1.0.9, SKATE! BMX! The biggest MegaRamps! The sickest tricks! Be a Pro! SONY exclusive!

★★★ MegaRamp The Game is a high-end application. For optimal performance please close all other applications before running MegaRamp on your device.★★★

SKATE! BMX! The biggest MegaRamps! The sickest tricks! Be a Pro!

MegaRamp: The Game brings you the insane adrenaline of Skateboarding and BMX riding on the world’s largest action sports superstructures. Travel the world, master new tricks, get new gear, and learn from the pros.

Real MegaRamps, real locations, real pros, real tricks, all brought to life with intuitive touch screen controls that reward accuracy, quick thinking and creative combinations. Hundreds of challenges, achievements and trophies wait for you in MegaRamp: The Game.

Some of the games ground-breaking features include:
•High-end 3D HD graphics
•Skate and BMX experience in a single game
•10 true to life real MegaRamp event locations:
US: Woodward West, Woodward Camp, Times Square, LA, Santa Rosa
Plus: Zurich, Mexico City, São Paulo, Santiago
And: The Great Wall of China
•More than 55 Skate tricks and variations
•More than 40 BMX tricks and variations
•Learn and develop your skills with real MegaRamp pro athletes :
Skaters: Danny Way, Pierre Luc Gagnon (PLG), Adam Taylor
BMX Riders: Kevin Robinson, Vince Byron, Morgan Wade
•Customize your character with brand gear
•Post your Trophies & Achievements on Facebook
•Challenge your friends

Are you ready to drop in?

MegaRamp The Game 1.0.9

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