Google Tasks Organizer 3.2 (v3.2) apk download

Google Tasks Organizer 3.2 apk

Google Tasks Organizer 3.2 apkWhat’s in this Google Tasks Organizer 3.2 apk

New reminder system!
Cleaned up the Settings Menu. Several options have been moved into Advanced submenus.
New option to backup and restore widget settings.
New option to show/hide ‘All Lists’ page on widget.
Better ‘Undelete Tasks’ screen. (Settings > Tasks > Undelete Tasks)
Better landscape mode for task edit screen.
The TinjaSoft Privacy Policy has been updated to accomodate 3rd party ads.
Visit to read the updated policy.

The weak point with Android task programs is moving items around. This one is very clear and precise. This alone is worth gold. But on top of that, it allows expansion and collapse of sub-task, something that Google task on PC badly needs. Overal great interface too and relatively reliable. Great job!

Google Tasks Organizer 3.2, Get your Google Task lists organized on your phone with this customizable app.

Organize all your Google Task lists!
Sync your todo lists from multiple GMail and Google Apps accounts with one app.
Sort tasks by due date, name, custom order, and more.
Repeating tasks move to the next due date.
Set reminders for time-sensitive tasks.
Integrates with Executive Assistant app & widget.

Full version features:
- Calendar-style date picker
- Collapsible subtasks
- Remove ads.
- Push tasks to Google & Android Calendar
- Integration with Pure Calendar Widget & Everybody all the Time’s Android Agenda Widget
- Full widget customization
- and much more!

My original review said it was one of the best, but over time, as my list grew, it began to crawl and not sync properly – that’s when I downgraded my review. However, once I upgraded my phone from Nexus S to the Samsung Galaxy S3, all issues went away, and now it works like a charm! I think my Nexus S was having memory issues.

Google Tasks Organizer 3.2

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature and etc, go to the Google Play Store

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