Blue Simplicity AOKP/CM10 1.8 (v1.8) apk download

Blue Simplicity AOKP/CM10 1.8 apk

Blue Simplicity AOKP CM10 1.8 apkWhat’s in this Blue Simplicity AOKP/CM10 1.8 apk

Version 1.8
► Gmail now inverted without flashing an inverted apk!
► MMS now inverted without flashing an inverted apk!
► Contacts now inverted without flashing an inverted apk!
► New Gmail and MMS widget design!
► Other small patches giving everything more sexayness!
Version 1.7
► Updates to ROM control
► Updates to status bar icons for GB style data
► Random small updates!

Blue Simplicity AOKP/CM10 1.8, You no longer need inverted Gmail, MMS or contacts! Version 1.8 provides new massive updates that included these right inside the theme application!!!

Blue Simplicity was built with the hopes of keeping it clean and classy! As a member of TeamKang, and a fan of CM10, i made sure to pull both in order to theme them both completely, and will continue to do so as both teams grow.

Once you give Blue Simplicity a shot, you may never go back to stock JB again!

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► Oodles of base edits!
► To start things off, Framework and SystemUI overhauls, Phone, Contacts, Dialer, Settings, Romcontrol, MMS and Gmail have all been themed!

Installation Notes
► Download from Google Play
► Install like any other application
► Settings, Themes and apply Simplicity!
► Reboot if needed (Yes, theme chooser has its issues, reboot will fix things up)
► Nandroid and flash inverted Gmail and Mms!
► If you get an error, just click apply anyway! This IS NOT a theme issue, its a building in Windows issue! Please don’t rate negatively because of this error, nothing i can do about it…

Note that the following JB elements are not yet able to be styled by the T-Mobile Theme Engine:
- Lockscreen
- Layout XMLs

Purchasing this theme means you will be helping women with breast cancer. ALL funds made from Simplicity (and all my future themes) go to charity! I do NOT theme for money, i theme for the fun of being a themer! That said, this allows me to have my fun, and you to give something back…
I will have a website for contacting me directly, for now you can send emails with requests, concerns or errors to or join me and my fellow team members in the #Teamkang IRC channel!

Blue Simplicity AOKP/CM10 1.8

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature and etc, go to the Google Play Store

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Download Blue Simplicity AOKP/CM10 1.8 (v1.8) apk Mediafire (Resumable)


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