RoadRunner 2.06 (v2.06) apk download

RoadRunner 2.06 apk

RoadRunner 2.06 apkWhat’s in this RoadRunner 2.06 apk:

Code and size optimization, bug fix and good link for reviewing the ap !
Dont forget to change quality settings to get more props !

RoadRunner 2.06, Infinite runner combining the skill of a runner with the speed of a racer!

‘…perfectly blends classic racing game mechanics and addictive gameplay.’
Editor’s Pick, Aug 2012 –

Infinite Runners? Yawn. An Infinite RACER? Yes!
Bored of infinite clones of infinite runners? Get ready for a brand new game type combining the skill of a runner with the speed of a racer!
2034: Police are no longer responsible for catching criminals as citizens hire mercenaries to hunt down the bad guys. It’s up to you to take the job the Cops can’t and jump into the driving seat of whatever you can drive to bring some scumbags to justice. You’ll even get to make a few bucks …if you’re good enough.
Are your skills up to chasing the crooks against the clock while keeping an eye on style? It’s not just about the arrest, it’s also about HOW you arrest – make crazy jumps for cash, negotiate tough roads, and go into overdrive with powerful Nitro boosts.
Sure you can handle the pulse-pounding pace? Then download and RAMP UP!

- Use ramps for insane jumps and jump-combos.
- Seven wild rides to unlock – can you acquire the mythical V8 Interceptor?
- Boost your speed to intense levels with Nitro power.
- Over 40 achievements.
- Race through cities, residential streets and jungles! (Ok, maybe not jungles.)
- Catch the criminals, earn the coins!
- Check-in your high scores and achievements with HeyZap integration.

RoadRunner 2.06

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