Sense 4 HD GO Launcher EX APEX 1.8 (v1.8) apk download

Sense 4 HD GO Launcher EX APEX 1.8Sense 4 HD GO Launcher EX APEX 1.8

What’s in this Sense 4 HD GO Launcher EX APEX 1.8

+ icons and docks

Sense 4 HD GO Launcher EX APEX 1.8, Sense 4 theme. sense apex. sense 4 apex.
Sense HD Theme GO Launcher EX.

Sense HD style theme is available now! Original HD icons, HD wallpapers, folders interface and app drawer.
Highly customizable, exactly as you like! High resolution icons!

- HD icons (big size supported)
- Special icons for dockbar
- 9 custom Sense dockbars
- 48 HD Wallpapers(720p)
- Special app drawer skin
- app2sd

This theme will not open on its own, you must install the free home screen app “GO Launcher EX” and apply it.

How to install;
1. Make sure the latest version of GO Launcher EX has been installed (Search “GO Launcher Ex” to download)
2. Apply the Theme: MENU->Themes->Choose Sense 4 HD

Theme setup:
1. Install Go Launcher EX
2. Select theme(Menu – Themes – Sense HD) and press apply.
3. You will see first Sense dock with your app icons.
4. Now remove icons 2 and 4 off the dock (press and hold on the icon and select “Delete”). Then Tap on plus and select “blank”.
5. On remaining icons, press and hold then select Replace – Theme’s icon and select icons for the dock(left or right) OR select blank icons for dock 3,4,5,8
6. For central button/icon, select a transparent icon(if you using dockbars 3,4,5,6,8).

How to change dock:
In GO Launcher
Menu – Preferences – Visual settings – Backgrounds – Dock background – GO theme background and select your dockbar.

You can choose from 9 types of dockbars:
1) With blank space, 3 buttons
2) FiveSense – with 5 buttons style(phone, contacts, apps, messages, browser) and transparent one
3) Old Sense – 3 buttons, apps button on the center
4) Classic Sense – 3 buttons, phone on the center, on the left – apps, on the right – browser.
5) Classic Sense – phone on the center, left and right blank.

GO Launcher EX Sense. Sense 3.5. GO Launcher Sense, sense 4, sense theme, sense 4 theme.
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sense apex, sense 4 apex.

Sense 4 HD GO Launcher EX APEX 1.8

Sense 4 HD GO Launcher EX APEX 1.8

Sense 4 HD GO Launcher EX APEX 1.8

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Download Sense 4 HD GO Launcher EX APEX 1.8 (v1.8) apk Mediafire (Resumable)

Mirror: … 8.apk.html

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