Delayed Lock 2.7.5 (v2.7.5) apk download

Delayed Lock 2.7.5Delayed Lock 2.7.5

What’s in this Delayed Lock 2.7.5

- new “wake on locking”: this will turn on the display for a sec when locking the device. this is necessary on devices which have problems enabling the lock while the device is asleep
- fix: showing simplelockscreen on some ICS/JB devices
- gradient background added on device without hardware acceleration
- translations

Delayed Lock 2.7.5, Not using any pattern-, PIN- or password-lock is a huge security problem, but reentering your PIN a hundred times a day can also be annoying. DelayedLock is a solution to this problem: After unlocking your phone, it will turn the lock screen off for a user defined amount of time.

You can turn your phone off and on as often as you want without entering your password/PIN/pattern again. After a certain time, it will automatically reactivate your lockscreen, so no stranger can access your personal data.

Additionally, there is also a notification in the Android status bar and a widget to immediately reenable the lock screen.

Features :

  • Delayes the requirement to enter pattern/PIN/password again after succesfully unlocked once
  • Delay since ‘Screen off’ or since ‘Last unlock’
  • Ability to show a simple slider lockscreen when pattern/PIN/password lock is currently disabled
  • Delay & customize the simple slider lock
  • Quickly re-enable the lock through the Android notification bar or a widget
  • Widgets & Shortcuts: Toggle Lock, Screen off, Screen off & Lock, Start Simple Lock
  • Upgradable with free plugins: Unlock with WiFi, Bluetooth or location based and remote activate lockscreen via SMS
  • compatible with HTC Sense & WidgetLocker, should also work with Tasker & Locale (untested, see Support-Thread)
  • music controls on simple lockscreen (works with Spotify, Winamp, Google Music and more)

Delayed Lock 2.7.5

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