Battery Repair (Doctor Boost) 1.8.3 (v1.8.3) apk android

Battery Repair (Doctor Boost) 1.8.3Battery Repair (Doctor Boost) 1.8.3

What’s in this version Battery Repair (Doctor Boost) 1.8.3:

Added TEMPERATURE monitor.
Added VOLTAGE monitor.
Enjoy your new battery.

Battery Repair (Doctor Boost) 1.8.3,

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Battery Repair is THE ONLY APP that is able to carry out a process of maintenance and repair of our device’s battery.

This app is brand new in Android Market for it is totally different from the present utilities.

Battery Repair carries out a maintenance process which is INDEPENDENT from the recharging one. The battery is “re-calibrate” and optimized.

The App also carries out an optimized recharging process which is concurrent with the maintenance process and which guarantees a longer time of capacity, in order to get a 2 from 8 hours increase. These are empirical data, based on several tests which have made carried out with the aforementioned app.

Battery Repair (Doctor Boost) 1.8.3

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