Jan 27

Volume+ (Sound Boost) apk android

Volume+ is an application for Android Devices running Gingerbread (2.3) or higher which allows you to boost the maximum volume for Ringtones, Alarms, Message tones, etc. It is essentially a heavily modified DSP Manager which has been completely rewritten from scratch. Because of this it is strongly recommended that you remove one of them to install the other.It does this by exploiting the EQ settings (AudioEffect.api) included in Gingerbread, and because of this, it may be unstable on some devices.

Please note that this application will not work to its full potential on phones running Stock (unmodified) software. I strongly suggest that if you are going to ‘root’ your phone that you flash CyanogenMod7 or higher and remove the built-in DSP Manager.

I also will not be held responsible for anything that may happen to your app as a result of running this app. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

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Download Volume+ (Sound Boost) apk android Mediafire ( Resumable)

Download Volume+ (Sound Boost) apk android  Putlocker ( Resumable)

Download Volume+ (Sound Boost) apk android Mirrorcreator (Multiple Mirror)

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